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This website is connected to topics of my book, which was published in Germany in October 2013. 
“Sprünge im Universum entdecken” 
Now I am looking for a publisher for an english version. Suggested titel: “Discovering Leaps in the Universe”

Diese Website auf Deutsch

This site in english is still in construction, but you can look at 4kayas , reading tests, big bang and videos already.
Under the link of
4kayas you will find a graphic, the so called “quantum model”, that I had developed and explained in chapter 20-24 of my book. These presentations here are further explanations in detail, so that you can understand more easily, that matter and experience are both processes with similar patterns. Those patterns include BIG BANGs happening here and now constantly. This unusual view could bring about a really deep understanding of impermanence. Even though I understand my book to be a "dharma-book", I have deliberately written it with only very few terms from Buddhism or the Shambhala-tradition. With this 4kayas-link, I would now like to open an exchange about how the quantum models and terms I use in my book, could fit together with terms from Buddhism, like: 4 kayas, 5 Buddha families, Nowness ... 
I'd appreciate your feedback.

Further information you will find in two of my videos on YouTube:
The BIG BANG is happening now - Part 1: The quantum model
The BIG BANG is happening now - Part 2: The heart connection

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Summary: When we look at the night sky, the universe of planets and galaxies become part of our experienced world, our experienced universe. This universe of perceptions, thoughts, feelings and dreams is the great wealth that is available to each of us always and everywhere. This wealth we can discover in all its fullness, when we go on a journey with the goal of finding the hidden truths in our everyday perceptions. Then we begin to perceive truely and be in contact with our touchable heart.


The author

Gerd Köhler studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich and worked as a teacher at a technical college and as a development engineer in various companies. For more than 30 years he is a student of the Tibetan meditation masters Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Gerd Köhler lives in Hamburg and is a meditation teacher and seminar leader in the Shambhala-Center Hamburg.