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ean-aristoteles und nagarjuna-200

That´s logical, isn´t it ?
The logic of Aristotle is very helpful to find reasonable conclusions for a lot of situations. But if we try to use this logic to understand our world  in a fundamental way, it does not work. The logic of the Indian phisosopher Nargajuna provides an approach to get a better understanding of the living qualities of our experienced and of our material world.

(18 min)

For more information click onto the link 3kayas , where you will find a graphic, the so called “quantum model”, that I had developed and explained in my book. The patterns of that model include BIG BANGs happening here and now constantly. This unusual view could bring about a really deep understanding of impermanence.
I would now like to open an exchange about how the quantum models could correlate with terms from Buddhism, like the three kayas and five Buddha-Families ...
I'd appreciate your feedback.